• Crafts 丨 Pymics -the art burning on the wood

    Crafts 丨 Pymics -the art burning on the wood

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    The encounter between fire and wood is not only the result of turning into ashes, and sometimes it can wipe out beautiful sparks. On January 5th, in a painting in Sixian Road, Paifang Street, Jiangxia District, Wuhan City, exquisite pyrographic works were amazing.Who would have thought that these paintings were created by the hot electric soldering iron. A heated electric iron was painted one...
  • Ice mold

    Ice mold

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    Ice moldMetal ice grid is a mold made of silicone raw materials for ice cubes. Many people are not very clear about the material of the metal ice grid. When used, they are more worried about whether it will be harmful to the human body. Introduction of metal ice grid materials, metal ice grids are the category of metal kitchen utensils in metal products....
  • Use fire paint

    Use fire paint

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    Use fire paint (aliad to seal wax, seal wax, fire paint wax, seal paint, seal wax, fire paint stamp, fire lacquer seal. It started to rise in about the 16th century. Used by nobles or rich people, it can also be used in the form of sealing parts of important documents or creating a sealed container seal. Mainly used for decoration, clinging books, decorative...
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