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The Wonderful Process From Inspiration Todesign to Product

Inspire Artistry and Creativity

Let's create marvelous designs and impressions together, infusing the world with more artistry and creativity. Whether it's personal creations or commercial projects, our tools will empower you to achieve exceptional ideas and leave a unique mark.


Iron Burning Stamp

Food Grade Material

304 Stainless Steel

Environmental Friendly

Create Magnificent Designs and Impressions

Embark on a wonderful journey of creativity with us and elevate your creative prowess to new heights.

Custom Brass Stamp

With our custom brass stamp, you have the freedom to unleash your creativity and create wonderful designs and imprints. It not only offers flexible usage options but also showcases your personal style and taste. Whether it's crafting personalized handicrafts or adding unique branding, a custom brass stamp can help you achieve your vision.

Cutting Die

We are proud to introduce our efficient and precise Cutting Die, which brings outstanding cutting capabilities to your production line. Whether you require precise cutting on paper, textiles, leather, plastic, or other materials, our Cutting Die delivers exceptional performance and reliable results.

About Us

Dongguang Shipai Zhengfei Die Factory, founded in 2013.It is located in the famous manufacturing Dongguan city .We have been specialized in mould products customize,embossing and bronzing machinery . Focusing on mould design, development and production. Main products is hot stamping machine, embossing mould and gold foil paper.


  • Product Name
  • 90-DS
  • Power
  • 500W
  • Heating Plate Size
  • 5×7 CM 、8×10 CM、 10×13 CM
  • Temperature Range
  • 0-350℃
  • Voltage
  • 100V/220V
  • Usage Mode
  • Support Hot Stamping and Hot Pressing
  • Embossing Range
  • Leather embossing, wood embossing, flannelette embossing, paper embossing, plastic embossing and other embossing
  • Bronzing Range
  • PU leather, imitation leather bronzing, clothing cloth, ASB, PVC, PMMA, OPP lamination, paper bronzing paper, PP, PE, electrical wire drawing, double-sided bronzing paper, glass, metal bronzing paper, Buddhist bronzing pape

Alphabet Brass Letters Stamp

Designed for hot foil printing applications

Custom Alphabet Font Leather Stamp

Product Description 1. Please contact us to confirm your design and size before placing an order. 2. We have to schedule 1-3 days for the template. 3. Carving depth: 3mm (according to customer requirements) 4. All the letters are only $0.9 / piece. If you order them, please contact us....
尺寸* 6 MM



Designer Mickey

With rich design experience and innovative consciousness, we can constantly explore and meet the needs of customers. I firmly believe that design is not only a skill, but also an art.

Sales Manager Lavinia

Has rich sales experience and good communication skills, can effectively understand customer needs, provide professional solutions, and maintain a good cooperative relationship with customers,

Dveloper Doris

With rich product development experience and professionalknowledge, it can effectively combine market demand with technology research and development to launch competitive products.

CEO John

During the development of the company, I have always adhered to the principle of being customercentric, adhering to the corporate culture of integrity, innovation, and excellence, and making continuous efforts for the successful development of the company.
Food-grade safe material, more peace of mind
Committed offer the best quality product to whole world market
Our team will provide you with the most professional advice
13 years of sales experience, covering multiple countries and regions
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