3D Relief Molds

Custom 3D Relief Mould Printing Plate / Stamp / Hot Foil Plate / Embossing Plate For printing onto Card, Leather, Paper
This custom 3D relief mould allows for printing onto leather, paper, and card. Utilizing a special relief design, the mould provides a...
ZHENGFEI Metal Aluminum 3D Embossing Dies
Embossing mold in fabric metal aluminum mould When a raised image is required, Embossing is the most effective marking method. To obtain...
ZHENGFEI 3D Relief Moulds
ZHENGFEI 3D CNC Engraving Female Die on Brass and Male on Epoxy For Embossing Stamping Die Leading Manufacturer of 3D CNC Engraving...
Svg Vector Icons : http://www.onlinewebfonts.com/icon
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